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Yes! They are running again!

Where does Joesph Biden stand on key issues?


A national test and trace programme Mr Biden's approach to tackling coronavirus, the most immediate and obvious challenge facing the country, is to provide free testing for all and hire 100,000 people to set up a national contact-tracing programme.

Jobs & Money

Raise minimum wage and invest in green energy To address the immediate impact of the coronavirus crisis, Mr Biden has vowed to spend "whatever it takes" to extend loans to small businesses and increase direct money payments to families. Among the proposals are an additional $200 in Social Security payments per month, rescinding Trump-era tax cuts and $10,000 of student loan forgiveness for federal loans.


Criminal justice reform, grants for minority communities In the wake of the race protests that have gripped the US last year, he said he believes that racism exists in the US and must be dealt with through broad economic and social programmes to support minorities. A pillar of his "build back" programme is to create business support for minorities through a $30bn investment fund.

Climate Change

Rejoin global climate accord Mr Biden has called climate change an existential threat, and says he will rally the rest of the world to act more quickly on curbing emissions by rejoining the Paris Climate Accord. The agreement, which Donald Trump withdrew from, committed the US to cutting greenhouse gases up to 28% by 2025, based on 2005 levels.

Foreign Policy

Restore America's reputation... and maybe take on China Mr Biden wrote that as president, he would focus on national issues first. That said, there is little to suggest that Mr Biden's values on foreign policy have shifted away from multilateralism and engagement on the world stage, in opposition to Mr Trump's unabashedly isolationist one. He has also promised to repair relationships with US allies, particularly with the Nato alliance, which Mr Trump has repeatedly threatened to undermine with funding cuts.


Universal pre-school, expand free college In a notable shift to the left, he has endorsed several big pieces of education policy that have become popular within the party - student loan debt forgiveness, expansion of tuition-free colleges, and universal preschool access. These would be paid using money gained back from withdrawing the Trump-era tax cuts.